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opalinesque (DO YOU SEE A PATTERN YET)

Is an octopus, wow wow yeah yeah. DEEPLY ENJOYS THREADING and yet has the attention span of a goldfish with ADHD. Often disappears in the middle of threads only to show up again out of nowhere a week later, disheveled and missing her left shoe. Will shamelessly ship her characters with anyone. ...Will do a lot of things shamelessly, in fact.


Technically has three at the moment, but really only plays one. And his many, many AU selves. Will be bringing more in (CHARACTERS, not AU selves. ...although that'll probably happen too) at some point, damnit 8|

Kaito Kagamine (warum/KOKORO AU)Edit

The Frankenthing himself. Has several variants who are mostly musebox only: a vampire AU self, a version of himself from a world where nothing had gone wrong during his creation, a GIRL version of that last one, a heartless version from a world where his role and Rin's were switched, and Daisuke Yamane (who is a feral child who believes he is a mononoke and MAY BE RIGHT).

Miku Hatsune (warum/KOKORO AU)Edit

Ms. Will Not Be Appearing In This Dressing Room. She may be thrown into a meme someday if the mood strikes. WARNING: DESPITE ADORABLE, CHEERFUL APPEARANCES, SHE IS A TROLL. DO NOT FEED.


:3~ Is considerably smart. Watch out for the Engrish!

Akita NeruEdit

TSUNTSUN FAILTROLL WITH A HIDDEN HEART OF MARSHMALLOW GOO. Loves all Lens long time, will NEVER EVER ADMIT IT and is often depressed by that fact.


Ritsu Namine (E.F.B./B.F.D.)

Miku Hatsune (Hello, Planet!/Sayonara, World's End)

Rin Kagamine (KOKORO... IN SPACE! doujin)

KAITO (8))

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