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Lyssie is a mysterious moeblob who occasionally wanders off to look at shiny things. If you haven't seen her around the DR lately, poking her is OK and recommended. Porns Plots incessantly with Opal, with whom she has spawned eighteen million AUs. Enjoys plot and dramaz.


Dr. Len Kagamine(KOKORO/Warum AU)Edit

A brilliant but self-neglecting scientist who created both the KOKORO Rin and the Warum Kaito. Loves them both as his children, and cares for everyone in the DR - especially if they're robots. Avoided his untimely death by tuberculosis thanks to dumb luck and Warum!Kaito being a mother hen.

Kaito (Pane dhiria)Edit

A wandering bard who saved his world by singing to God. Somewhat detached from the world at large, but generous and deeply loyal to anyone he considers a friend. Has an archaic and ornamented way of speaking and a wry, occasionally crude sense of humor. Good-natured troll. Can do mysterious things with his music.

Karune/Calne CA (Machine Muzik)Edit

Loosely based on Deino's OC Calne CA. ("Loosely" because Lyssie knows absolutely nothing about how Deino envisions Calne CA, and is basically just making stuff up.) Cheerful and innocent. Likes to make friends, but is aware that her appearance is terrifying somewhat intimidating to most. Hazy on how she came into being and possesses only vague knowledge of how you squishy people work.

Itaito (Naked Meltdown)Edit

Almost but not quite a standard Kaito. Very much a masochist, and very much enjoys being tied up. Has/had a crush on his Meiko (unplayed), but has low self-esteem and will cling to anyone who shows him affection. Embarrassed by his fetish and deeply terrified of being rejected for it. Needy. When not worrying about his masochism, generally a friendly and easygoing sort - he is, after all, a Kaito.

Father Kiyoteru Hiyama (Guilty Verse)Edit

Fantasy!Catholic-flavored battle priest. Hunts demons and other evil creatures with holy magic and a gun. Raised by nuns since he was a little boy, due to demonic possession that manifested early in life. Fights against this possession daily, but is mentally and emotionally exhausted by the struggle. Blunt, quiet, and kind of a jerk if you're not human. (Boy, a DR full of robots sure is a great place for him!)


- Hikari!Mikuo