Lily Masuda
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Eh. My Bad.


Lills, Mutie, Techbane, Moron, Idiot, Dumbass, etc.






Human (mutant)





If she weren't such a dumbass she could be a genuine threat to the DR.

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Background Edit

Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning is a school for budding mutants, a sanctuary of sorts. Before Lily ended up there, she briefly toured with Vocaloid, a Japanese music group that fell apart because nearly all the members were coincidentally mutants. Before Vocaloid, Lily was constantly on the move with her bro4life Mosh, being a nuisance to society with him. And before running away from home... she doesn't talk about that time in her life much.

After most of the members of Vocaloid flew to America to join XI, Lily drifted away and just sort of aimlessly wandered, sometimes looking for Mosh (who she had ditched to join Vocaloid) and other times being a vandal for kicks. Before long, she met up with her cousin Bee, a mutant who could transform into a car. Bee enrolled at Xavier's Institute while it took another few months to convince Lily to join him there.

And whaddya know, most of Vocaloid was there as well. Lily lived at the Institute, skipping classes and harassing other mutants, until it shut down for whatever reason. After a brief period of aaangst, she ended up living with Gumi, Gakupo, and Luka in Tokyo.

And thanks to her idiocy and alien ray gun, she and Gumi got sucked into the DR.

Canon Information Edit


- Techbane voice: basically she can glitch any electronics around her with her voice. Damages aren't permanent.

- Sonic voice: just as it says on the tin. When worked up enough, she can destroy entire buildings.

- Ray gun: from an Elite Beat Agents-inspired event from XI. It can turn anything into stone. Combined with her techbane voice, it reverses any petrification. P handy.


- full control over mutant abilities

- practically fearless (more like thickheaded but whatever!!)

- strong-willed


- emotionally guarded

- no common sense

- self-centered


bluh bluh big moron


The tattoos!! Everyone forgets to draw her tattoos in fanarts whyyyyy

Relationships Edit

full list in her journal

Misc. Information Edit