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A derpy mun who spends her days on the internet. Found her way to VDR and has consiquentally begun living in a small cardboard box there to make sure she doesn't miss anything. Posts way too much. Easily swayed into joining other sites such as IJ and DW by icon limits. Likes spinning on her computer chair. Occasionally gets tangled in headphones in situations entirely unrelated (honest!) to the former.


ALL ARE ACTIVE aside from the ones who don't have journals yet.... Characters are listed in order of journal creation.

Nekomura IrohaEdit


→ A party-loving Iroha who seems to be acting out some kind of frat-boy fantasy without actually being a frat boy. Often ends up in jail or hospital thanks to her antics. Her parties are LEGENDARY! Once caused an international incident by getting to America, breaking into the senate, throwing a party and then hugging the President of the United States. Tries to act like (Amy's) Iroha's big sister and fails miserably. Miki is her partner-in-crime.

Megurine ToetoEdit


→ A shy and timid Toeto, who happens to be Luka's daughter. Found her way into the dressing room with her pet cat, Kyouneko. Stammers most of the time and often trails off in the middle of her sentences. Very clingy with her mother or anyone she has deemed a friend. When upset or distressed, she pulls the brim of her hat over her eyes. She's slowly coming out of her shell in the dressing room and has begun to make friends with some of the other 'children' there.

Namine RitsuEdit


→ A dignified oujo-sama Ritsu who is actually female and rather insulted that the vippers have told the world that she's a trap. Very polite, well-spoken and refined. Always carries a parasol, except in rain, where she carries an umbrella, obviously. Has a mother-hen complex. Is actually a ruthless internet troll when she gets online, mostly by way of pretending to be a guy who's pretending to be a girl online. Isn't easy to anger so long as you don't bully any small children in her presence or damage her parasol.

Hatsune Miku (Curiosity Core)Edit


→ Portal AU!Miku, who fills the role of the Curiosity Core. Programmed to be curious about EVERYTHING and therefore spends most of her time getting into trouble, collecting information or the former by way of the latter. Right now, she's been told by KaITO to keep an eye on the other Cores and report back to him if anything happens, so that's what she's doing as well as finding out about EVERYTHING. Is a complete and utter ditz and lacks common sense despite all of her apparent knowledge.

Puella Magi Lapis MagicaEdit

No journal yet

→ Puella Magi Aoki Lapis. Concept based entirely on her looking sorta like a Puella Magi. Will probably have a journal some time after New Year's.